"Ishtar, the Great Mother, is naked. Because truth must not hide behind any veils.”
















Sinuous as a snake , biting like a panther , wild and refined as a  tibetan antelope . Sophie d'Ishtar seduces the senses with a triumph of powdery agreements and a concert of spicy notes. She’s a feminine and graceful woman , she looking at you and softens your soul with his hypnotic eyes, and the goddess Ishtar , the most  powerful , gives her  the strength and vigor of the ancient world . It defines herself  an intriguing storyteller who her dance tells of a journey through exotic characters, timeless deities and fascinating personalities . Every performance is dressed up with passionate interpretations, full of mystery and alchemies that characterize Sophie as multi-faceted performer, able to strongly engage her audience, which becomes , with her, the undisputed star of the show. A perpetual aroma, between the hot east wind, and the noir western charm.


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